WebTHAL Project 4.0 Welcome on WebTHAL 

Using WebTHAL

Warning: the follwing instructions are related to Netscape.Explorer can also be used.
To start....
To understand how WebTHAL works, first click on the WebTHAL records (DEMO) button to preview the DEMONSTRATIVE version
Print page set up
To print a clinical record correctly is necessary setting at 0 the print borders dimension and remove the print of the default subscript (current date) and of URL. The printing must be done on horizontally facing pages: set up this option as default as well, or remember to set it up at every printing. To do that select in Netscape menu:
  1. File 
  2. Page set up 
  3. And set up the advised options

Navigation on WebTHAL 
We advise you to read the following instructions while using the application.
  • To do that is necessary to open a second window choosing in File menu:
    1. New 
    2. Navigator Window 
    3. Set up the address http://www.thalassemia.it and go on
  • Proceed with  the autentication typing the login and the password given by e-mail
  • In the following page:
    • Select the patient you want to work on 
    • Select the records you want to work on 
    • Select one of following actions, applied to the selected patient and archive:
    • INSERT   Adds a new record in the current archive.When set on  registry, adds the record of a new patient,when set on day hospital adds data related to the marked patient (a new admission, an investigation). Confirm  the record add clicking on the button Record add or cancel it clicking on Cancel 
      MODIFY  .If on register,  the record update mask of the selected patient immediately appears; if on other records,  the list of the already recorded admission/visit's dates appears, select among them, the date of the record you must modify and confirm with Make .
      PRINT  Shows the clinical record for the print; it requires the introduction of a date range to examine and the sections to be printed; clicking on the icon it's possible to select/deselect all prints at once. On the following page, that contains the clinical record, click on  to print. If the horizontal print is not set by default, set it before printing.
      Allows the execution of partial searches from the main menu.
      Select the patient and the Admission record and click on the research button.
      When the search mask appears it's possible to cancel the name and surname simply clicking on RESET button. 
      It's possible to choose which fields visualize in the search results selecting/deselecting the checkbox placed in the column "Show in the list". 
      It's possible to choose an order clicking under the column "Order for" to indicate the field to order, it's possible to choose only a field to order on.
      Set up the search conditions, considering that, if you put more than one condition, they must be all satisfied (logical operator AND). 
      Click on Search button to go on.
      Example: if you need to find Ferritin and HCV levels for patients between 10 and 15 years old with anonymous results: deselect Surname and Name to have an anonymous research, select Ferritin and HCV and Birth's date fields, and set up the search conditions: Ferritin > 0 to exclude the admissions with void values (not inserted) or at 0 and HCV present (to exclude the admissions it doesn't appears in) and birth's date included between 1/1/1985 and 31/12/2000. If you want also to visualize the admissions without HCV don't  check  the "HCV present" condition. 
      It's possible to export the search results clicking on the floppy icon. In the appearing page point out: "All the records of the search" and keep local Browser selected. Now you must choose  the application that will import the data (if it hasn't been yet setted up): choose Excel.
  • Notes about different records:
    1. Suggestions for data input
      • It's advisable to shift on the data input masks with the TAB key. 
      • The input on data fields can be done  typing only the day (it will be automatically extended with current month and year) or day and month (it will be automatically extended with the current year).
    2. Basic Data Archive 

    3. Record reachable in record add and record update. It has mandatory fields, marked with the label 
    4. Family Tree Archive
    5. Adding a new patient, will be  automatically added on this file the records about the Father, the Mother and a Brother/Sister. So you need to update the records about the Mother, the Father and the first Brother, and to add other possible Brothers/Sisters.
    6. Admissions Archive

    7. Records reachable in record add and record update. It includes all the data concerning the Day-Hospitals. For the updating you need to select the admission's date among the ones shown (of all the selected patient's admissions).
    8. Investigations and Consultations Archive

    9. Record accessible in record add and record update. For the updating it's necessary to select the investigation's date, among all the the examination dates done by the selected patient.
    10. Urinary Iron Excretion Archive

    11. Record accessible in record add and record update. Also in this case it must be selected the date of the urinary iron excretion that must be changed.
    12. Intensive Iron Chelation Archive

    13. Record accessible in record add and record update. For the updating select the chelation date among the presented ones.
    14. Annual Summary Chart 

    15. Record accessible only in record update. The annual summaries (one for each year) are automatically inserted when adding a patient or doing summary calculation (not yet feasible). It's necessary going on with the clinical history's insertion only with the updating.
    16. Summary Heart Assessment 

    17. Records accessible in record add and record update. For the updating select the date of the examination that must be modified, among the presented ones.

Possible suggestions that cannot be synthetized in FAQ section can be sent by mail to the address webthal@most.it